Hiking guide of Vjosa and Zagoria valleys

Welcome to the hiking guide of Permet and Zagoria. In this linkĀ you can download all theĀ GPX files of hiking trails as described on the guidebook.

The preliminary version of the guidebook can be downloaded here.

Permet and Zagoria hiking guide cover

Note that the guidebook and GPS tracks are from 2012 and things might have slightly changed in the field. Feel free to help other travelers by commenting on this post with the updates.

3 thoughts on “Hiking guide of Vjosa and Zagoria valleys”

  1. Thank you very much for offering this very nice hiking guide. I tried to transfer your UTM waypoints to Komoot. However I was unable to suceed in this. Komoot expects a gpx-format. And I could not find programs which convert UTM files into gpx-files. Can you provide me some help. Thanks a lot. M Schuerch, Switzerland

    • Hi Markus, my apologies for the slow reply. For some reason I missed the notification for this comment. I’ve updated the link with the GPS tracks in GPX format. Please feel free to download them but note that those can be slightly outdated, as they were recorded in 2012.

      I don’t use Komoot but with a GPS device one can change the coordinate system to UTM and manually add the waypoint but this is time-consuming. In general, guidebooks have the UTM points just in case your phone fails and one could use the GPS device to add manually points of orientation.

      Enjoy your trip in Zagoria and Permet.


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