As a co-founder of Zbulo! – Albania & Beyond, a company specialized in walking and mountain biking holidays, here is the place you get advertisement spams on my blog. 🙂

Zbulo! Albania & Beyond offers outstanding human-powered outdoor adventures crafted by local travel specialists. With our profound experience in making the pristine nature and culture of the Western Balkans authentically accessible, we operate a line of exclusive signature products. By establishing a locally-led and economically sustainable business model, our vision is to become the North Star of the regional tourism sector and the rising tide that turns Albania into a global role model for truly responsible outdoor tourism.

Customized cross-border itineraries are our specialty, the “Peaks of the Balkans” our flagship product along with the newly launched High Scardus Trail, long distance trekking and mountain bike route.

As consultants we help develop the touristic potential of unknown areas throughout Albania. Our trips raise awareness, protect and further natural as well as cultural heritage while putting a focus on interaction with local communities. In 2013 Zbulo! won an ATTA scholarship proving best practices. Great landscapes exist everywhere, it’s the people and their stories who turn them into unforgettable experiences. Come explore the Western Balkans with us!