Tërbaç – Kallara “Village to village in Shushica Valley”

A more relaxed walking day, that can be further divided up, takes you from Tërbaç to Vranisht and from there to Kallarat. The trail takes you through oak forest, along turquoise waters of the Shushica river and offers nice views towards Mt. Kendrevica further inland.   Powered by Wikiloc Return to where you entered the … Read more

Dukat to Terbac “The Forgotten Caravan Route”

This transfer hike from the village of Dukat to Shushica Valley can be continued as a multi-day trek, crossing the Ceraunian Range and finishing at the Albanian Riviera in the small town of Himarë. There is public transport from Vlora to Dukat every day at 11:00 and 15:30. The bus leaves near the Muradie Mosque. … Read more

The beautiful lakes of Alltata and Fushas

Two beautiful lakes and unspoiled environment very close to the capital Tirana. Fushas, the trailhead of this hike, is 16 km from Tirana and can be reached either by small car or public transport. The last km of the trailhead approach is on a gravel road. The buses to Baldushk leave everyday from the beginning … Read more

Walking in Albanian side of Lake Prespa

  Prespa region is situated on the Balkan Peninsula and it is shared between three countries: Albania, Greece and Macedonia. This region that includes two natural lakes and high mountains with great significance for biodiversity where endemic and globally threatened species can be found. It has been already two years since I worked for development … Read more

Talijanka peak in Grbaja valley

We were based in the little lovely town of Plav dominated by its beautiful lake and nearby mountains when decided to make a hike in Grbaja valley which is very close from the town and connected by an asphalted road.   This loop hike starts at the mountaineering hut in Grbaja valley. Initially, it travels … Read more

Sotira Waterfall

Sotires waterfall is one of the most unique in Albania, located at the northeast foot of Mt. Tomorri. It’s formed by the major source comes from the longitudinal cracks in the craggy limestonerock. To get there one has to drive on an unpaved road to Sotire village, approx. 15 km from the town of Gramsh (see driving map below) and then hike for about 1 hour (3.6 … Read more

Climbing the summit of Nemercka – Maja e Drites

Nemercka, the second highest mountain in the southern Albania (2485m) after Gramozit, has a very steep wall on the east side which drops down 2000 m into the Vjosa vallay and makes it looking impossible to climb up  without the rock climbing  equipments. Quite opposite is to climb it up from the Zagoria valley. The path … Read more

Offroading in Permet – Lengarica Canyon

If it happen to make it to Permet in Albania, Lengarica Canyon is a must. You don’t need to have a 4weals car for visiting the canyon. It’s very close of the city center and the road to get there there is paved. But if you want to see more from this canyon and if … Read more

Kepi i Rodonit

Many friends ask me which is the best place to camp and/or barbecue near Tirana, reachable by normal car (non 4weals). Here is your answer guys… I would say there are many wonderful places  close to  Tirana for hiking, camping and barbecue. One of them, where I go often, is Rodonit cape (Kepi i Rodonit in Albanian). Kepi i … Read more

Waterfall of Sopotit Hike

Recently I had a three days visit at the beautiful city of Permet, in southern Albania. Here I’m posting an easy hike we had at the Waterfall of  Sopotit one of the afternoons while in Permet. During the coming days more hikes and other travel tips for Permet and its surrounding will come, so stay … Read more

An Easy Hike to Black Cave

Recently I was hiking with a lovely hikers group I’m part of (EDEN’s Nature Guides) toPellumbas village which is located just half an hour drive from the city of Tirana and is surrounded by beautiful nature and silence. From this small village you can visit the beautiful canyon of Erzeni and the cave of Pëllumbas, also known as The Black cave.

PHOTO: A little shepherd near Kruja Albania

I met this little dude when I was leading a group of friends on a hike to Zezë stream, near Kruja, Albania. He has 3 cows and 4 goats and  is very happy that he recently got 2 french goats which produce more milk than normal ones in Albania do. He told us he likes … Read more

Gamnit Mountain

Gamnit mountain can be considered the hardest mountain to climb in Tirana area. The hike offer the most stunning views towards Bovilla lake, Dajti mountain, Brari mountain and Mali me Gropa (mountain with holes), especially when you see it in snow, it really justify its name. If you see the Gamnit mountain steepness from the … Read more

Churches of Voskopoja

Only 18 km from Korca, Voskopoja is an old town with a rich Byzantine history and monuments that include a considerable number of orthodox churches and monasteries. This is a short and a warm up hike in surrounding of Voskopoja village in Korce, Albania. This route gives you the possibility to visit  the most important … Read more

Hiking to the Illyrian Castle of Dorez

Rich culture and a forgotten village very close to the capital of Albania. Dorez is a small village located 20 km from Tirana. This is a spread village in several parts (neighborhoods) reachable only by foot. Interesting is also the presence of Illyrian culture that  comes from the stone age and manifests itself in this … Read more

One day in Kruja – Travel tips

Are you planing to visit Kruja? Here are some tips what to do in Kruja in a one day visit. Kruja is a town in north-central Albania. Located 20 km from the capital.  Most of the tourists who visit Albania ends up at least for one day in Kruja for visiting the Kruja castle and … Read more

Hiking Fag Mountain in Tirana, Albania

Can a Xmas day be better than this?

An early morning coffee with friends, visiting a remote village in Tirana, an exhausting hiking, reaching Fag summit with fantastic views towards the high peaks of Albania and the cost, beers after the success and in the end a Xmas dinner with the family. Can a Xmas be better than this? Ah… forgot to mention writing on the blog. I’m really enjoying writing and sharing this day experience.

Fag is a mountain(1432m) located in east Tirana region, near Fag village, in the commune of Shёngjergj – behind Dajti Mountain. The area is well know for Mali me Gropa (the mountain with holes) but still the area doesn’t attract many tourist because of the bad road access it used to have and the lack of tourism facilities. Recently a new road has been built and the area could be reached in one and a half hours from Tirana. Till now is manly visited from the adventures travels who like to see remote places and experience some wild nature but the area offers a lot in touristic terms and my feeling is that the tourism will happen soon there.  Tow small bars were already popped along the new road today (Xmas 2011).

Stone houses in Shengjin i Madh village

So we started with a coffee, very exited for the new discover plan but also afraid that the road will be full of snow and impossible to drive. Fortunately there was not much snow and let’s hope it will be well maintained during the winter because I’m already missing  the Mali me Gropa in snow – is fantastic. We started the hike at Shёngjin i Madh village where we saw some stone houses and in my mind directly came Korça and Gjirokastra regions, well known for the stone houses with stone roofs. Now I’m thinking to make some time for visiting them this holiday. 🙂

The new road to Shengjergj

The ascending was really beautiful. I’ve never seen before Shёngjergj from above because we always visit the well known Mali me Gropa and forget about the mountains which are closer to the villages. The route finding was not difficult but after the summit we lost time searching for a castle around there – as we were told a castle from Skёnderbeg time is existing some where there. We couldn’t find it and we tried to get a shortcut to the main road as the darkness was coming.

Enis and Denis

Due to the steepness of a sloop the shortcut turned to be very exhausting but we managed to get on the main road with a natural light. Isn’t it to celebrate? That’s way we had couple of beers afterwards. No, not really. I actually do that after each hike. 🙂
In the end I have to say that this summit has fabulous views of the surrounding. I wouldn’t believe that without experience it.

I suggest you to visit this area. Even if you are not up to climb the mountain is worth to take a short ascending walk for a better view and why not some drinks and food in the small bars of the village and getting in contact with some locals. They really like guests.

More pictures, trail description and GPS track with way-points for this hike will come soon.

Route Description

Trail distance: 7.05 kilometers
Elevation min: 518 meters, max: 1,432 meters
Accum. height uphill: 925 meters, downhill: 30 meters
Difficulty level: skill Moderate
Time:   4 hours 27 minutes

Download the GPS track here.

Take the road to Dajti National Park and turn off right at the junction before the park entrance. At the next junction take the new road (right) and take a right turn at Shengjin i Vogel village (at turn off right way-point). Take the dirt road for few meters after the parking and then take the trail in your left before approaching the houses. From here to the plateau the trail is visible. From the plateau to the peak we didn’t see any path, maybe because of the snow so we took an easy bushwhack to the summit. The summit offers fantastic views in all directions.

If you don’t have a GPS device with you feel free to ask for more details. I think the route finding wouldn’t be a problem even without GPS device.

For approaching the trailhead by public transport ask people in Porcelan bus station. There are minibuses from Porcelan to Shengjergj.

How this hike looks to you? Are you going to take this hike?