Hiking in Rrugova Mountains, Kosovo


Rrugova mountains, part of the Dinaric Alps are very close to the city of Peja. The highest peak of these mountains is Guri i Kuq 2522 m. This area offers a lot of activities for the nature lovers. You can climb mountains, hike on the shepherds’ trails, rock climbing in the canyon of Lumbardhi and ski in the village of Boge.

In the city center there is a tourists information office that provides you with a lot of information for activities and a hiking map.

We stayed in Liqenat i Kucishtes and the village of Boge where some camp sites has been build recently.

The city of Peja
Liqenat i Kucishtes
Boge village
Hajla mountain, 2403 m
Shepherd hut on the way to climb Hajla mountain. Guri i Kuq mountain in bacground.
Having a brake at the village of Pepaj. Guri i Kuq mountain in background.
Pepaj vilage
Flower in Rrugova mountains
Liqeni i Drelajve, near Liqenat i Kucishtes

Check out this post for getting the GPS info on how to get to Liqeni i Drelajve.

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