Gryka e Kazanit – one of the best hikes in Permet area

Bunker and Nemercka

Gryka e Kazanit is one of the most beautiful hikes in Permet area. The east face of Mount Nemercka falls down directly on the gorge of Gryka e Kazanit offering amazing views. From the gorge the trail climbs up on the border ridge offering another view prospective of Nemercka and breathtaking views from both countries. From here one can see also the summit of Nemercka – Maja e Drites/Papingut.

The hike to Gryka e Kazanit starts at the village of Biovizhde that is approx. 3 km from the main road and only accessible by high clearance four wheels. From the center of the village the trail climbs up very gently at Gryka e Kazanit and after this further on at the border ridge. The descent is a bit steep but still with enjoyable views.

The route

Trail distance: 16.4 kilometers
Elevation min: 671 meters, max: 1,952 meters
Cumulative height uphill: 1,399 meters, downhill: 1, 300 meters
Difficulty level: Moderate
Time: 8 hours

Download GPS info: Gryka e Kazanit 


Biovizhde village
Biovizhde village
former view point of border military
Former view point of border military

We met an old shepherd at the former viewpoint of the border military. He told that here was also the fance of the border during the communism time and only by special permission one could passed. As we were having lunch there we got the chance to speak more with him. All of us were very interested about communism time and we asked him a lot of questions.
From this point one can easily see the first villages of Greece and we asked him whether they could see a better development from the other side since in the news was nothing except the propaganda that we are the most developed country in the world. He said “we could see the busses coming in the villages near the border at that time that our village was only accessible by donkey but party people was trying to explain us that they are not busses for passengers but for alfalfa – a flower that we used for cattle. Greece has serious problems with poverty and people eat alfalfa.”

the path to gryka e kazanit
After the former viewpoint the trail travels through the woods and ascents very gently
After the forest the trail travels through meadows on a visible trail and great views towards Nemercka
Bunker and Nemercka
Bunker in the middle of nowhere
border pyramid
Border pyramid
The view of Nemercka range from the border ridge
Horses In Nemercka
On the way down
A lot of plums

This trail is part of a tourism development project in Permet. Soon it will be marked and a detail description will be available. New updates will come soon…



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