Gamnit mountain can be considered the hardest mountain to climb in Tirana area.

The hike offer the most stunning views towards Bovilla lake, Dajti mountain, Brari mountain and Mali me Gropa (mountain with holes), especially when you see it in snow, it really justify its name.

Exposed part of the trail climbing up Gamnit mountain

Exposed part of the trail climbing up Gamnit mountain

If you see the Gamnit mountain steepness from the maps, google earth, as well as live, you will think that doesn’t exist a path to climb it up. Fortunately, the path is very good conditions thanks to the few shepherds and hikers that use that regularly.

Getting to the trail head by public transport is impossible.

The cheapest way to get there is by taking the bus of Kamёz in Tirana center, near of the bus to airport and than the bus Bathore-Zall Herr. From Zall Herr to Bovilla lake (near of the trail head) take a taxi for abut 1000 Lekё (approx. 10 dollars) one way.

Reaching the summit of Gamnit mountain

Reaching the summit of Gamnit mountain

Brari and Dajti mountain as seen from the Gamnit summit

Brari and Dajti mountain as seen from the Gamnit summit

Mali me Gropa (mountain with holes) as seen from Bovilla lake

Mali me Gropa (mountain with holes) as seen from Bovilla lake

Route Description:

Trail distance: 4.28 kilometers
Elevation min: 484 meters, max: 1,257 meters
Accum. height uphill: 23 meters, downhill: 795 meters
Difficulty level:  Moderate
Time:   4 hours to climb it up and 2 hours to get back

Download the GPS track on Wikiloc or EveryTrail.

The mountain can also climbed up from the western part. Check it out at Palmtreeproduction.

Getting to the trail which takes to the summit might be difficult because of the bushes and a lot of junctions in the beginning of the hike.

The hike starts at a neighbored before reaching the center of Ranzё village. To reach the trail head, take the national road Tiranё-Shkoёr, turn off to Bathore and when reaching Zall-Herr village, turn off right on gravel road. The gravel road will take you at Bovilla Lake. Bear left ascending with zigzags at the first junction and after approx. 300 m take a left turn at the next junction. The gravel road turns to be very narrow as soon as you pass the first junction after reaching Bovilla Lake. You have to pass two other junctions (foot paths on your left) before reaching the trail head.

The hike starts to gently ascend on a foot path lined by fences. Keep left at the first junction and after few meters you will see a water source.  Follow the trail and take a left turn after (approx 200m) you pass the houses. Leave the main path for turning left at the next junction (after approx. 100 m) and follow a very narrow path lined by bushes. When reaching a little meadow, take left at the junction. The route follows on narrow trail lined by dense bushes. Take a right turn after approx. 100 meters at the next junction. Bear left after approx. 150 meters at the next junction and take the path in the middle at the next junction after 50 meters. Take left turns at the next three junctions, after approx. 150 meters each and than bear right after approx. 50 meters. Follow the path and after approx. 50 meters you will get to a junction, the north path (on the right) is visible and takes you at the village of Ranzё and the west path (on your left) is the only path which takes you at the summit. The beginning of the path is eroded by water and starts on the left of the eroded part. If you don’t recognize the path one can either climb up the eroded part and hit the path after approx. 50 meters.

Now on, the path is narrow, steep and easy identifiable until it reaches the ridge when you will see a cable car which has been used during the communism time for transporting goods from the village to the mountain. The path follows northwest for approx. 1.2 km and has some exposed parts but safe enough. When you reach the ridge, follow the southeast ascending which goes very gentle to the summit which could be easily seen from the ridge. From there you will have stunning views towards the Brari and Dajti mountains from a position you have never seen before. The view is amazing to the other directions as well.

Another way to easily get to the trail which takes you to the summit, is by starting the hike at village of Ranzë  and follow the visible track to the eroded part.

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