Kruja to Tirana with MTB

The ride starts in the tourist town of Kruje which is visited by most of the visitors in Albania. Even for locals it’s a popular destination with the old bazaar, traditional restaurants and the hike on the mountain of Kruja that stands almost vertical behind the town. This ride starts in the old town and after a … Read more

Cycling Saranda to Corfu 1st day: Saranda – Igoumenitsa

This is a trip that started today from Saranda. The idea is to cycle from Saranda to Igoumenitsa, a day trip to Parga and back to Igoumenitsa for taking the ferry to Corfu, when we have a couple of days of cycling for taking the ferry back to Saranda. Here are some impressions from the … Read more

Sveti Jure ride

A cliff-hanger in the most literal sense, the climb to Sveti Jure zigzags above the turquoise Adriatic dappled with Dalmatian islands. Pounded by the Bora wind and, in summer, a blisteringly hot sun, Sveti Jure is a long (30 km), high climb and one of Europe’s most spectacular. Makarska is on the sea level and the top … Read more

Tërbaç – Kallara “Village to village in Shushica Valley”

A more relaxed walking day, that can be further divided up, takes you from Tërbaç to Vranisht and from there to Kallarat. The trail takes you through oak forest, along turquoise waters of the Shushica river and offers nice views towards Mt. Kendrevica further inland.   Powered by Wikiloc Return to where you entered the … Read more

Dukat to Terbac “The Forgotten Caravan Route”

This transfer hike from the village of Dukat to Shushica Valley can be continued as a multi-day trek, crossing the Ceraunian Range and finishing at the Albanian Riviera in the small town of Himarë. There is public transport from Vlora to Dukat every day at 11:00 and 15:30. The bus leaves near the Muradie Mosque. … Read more

The beautiful lakes of Alltata and Fushas

Two beautiful lakes and unspoiled environment very close to the capital Tirana. Fushas, the trailhead of this hike, is 16 km from Tirana and can be reached either by small car or public transport. The last km of the trailhead approach is on a gravel road. The buses to Baldushk leave everyday from the beginning … Read more

Walking in Albanian side of Lake Prespa

  Prespa region is situated on the Balkan Peninsula and it is shared between three countries: Albania, Greece and Macedonia. This region that includes two natural lakes and high mountains with great significance for biodiversity where endemic and globally threatened species can be found. It has been already two years since I worked for development … Read more

Talijanka peak in Grbaja valley

We were based in the little lovely town of Plav dominated by its beautiful lake and nearby mountains when decided to make a hike in Grbaja valley which is very close from the town and connected by an asphalted road.   This loop hike starts at the mountaineering hut in Grbaja valley. Initially, it travels … Read more

Maja e Jezercës – the Highest in Dinaric Alps

Being the highest peak of Dinaric Alps makes Maja e Jezerces (2694m) one of the most attempted summits in the area of Bjeshket e Namuna/Prokletje. Though is the highest, it’s not the most difficult summit in the area. Other summits, such as Maja e Shkurt and Langojvet seem to be much harder. Most of the … Read more

The forgotten trail connecting Voskopojë with Vithkuq

Voskopoja and Vithkuq have seen past glories back on 18th centuries when these villages were the most important centers of the region. Voskopoja still sees many visitors today comparing with Vithkuq. Both of the villages are very rich in old churches and nature and have a lot of potentials to attract visitors. Since these two … Read more