Pictures around Permet

The center of Permet

During the communism time Permet was called a hero city because the National Libration Movement held the congress in town and elected the provisional government of Albania.

It was also used to be called the city of flowers or roses and I was always wondering why. One doesn’t really see much flowers in the center of the city.

Everytime I come to Permet is because of wonderful mountains it has around and I haven’t been exploring much of the town even though it is pretty small.

As I’m working in Permet since awhile in a project for exploring mountain trails, I decided to spend the day in town today because the weather was not that good for mountain exploration and I thought why not some walking and exploring more of the town.

Check out what I found out at the pictures below.

Bazaar in Permet
Bazaar of Permet
Old part of the city
Shen Nikolla church in old town of Permet
Flowers in Permet
Thats why "the city of flowers"
Unemployment rate looks big in this town – young guys playing backgammon for hours
Shen e Premte church
Nice flowers again
Old part of Permet
Cobbled road
Eating grapes
The oldest big house in Permet
Flowers in Permet
Some more flowers



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