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My name is Endrit Shima, a passionate traveler and an outdoor enthusiast with a big desire for forgotten places and here is the place l record my wanderings. As I live in Albania, most of my trails, articles and photos would be from this little lovely country.

I love mountaineering, caving and backpacking as well as other outdoor activities.

I’m a part time traveler and I have written for Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro for different publishers.   I find real satisfaction in digging up stories in places that are either too remote or too quirky for the guides.

My experience also includes trails development, project development and management with the focus in sustainable tourism and adventure tours organizing and guiding.

If you want me to write for you, contribute in your project, use my photographs or organize a tour for your company or group, please feel free to contact me at endrit.shima@gmail.com

If you have questions about areas I have been to please do get in touch.

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