Gjipe beach

Gjipe bay is sandwiched by two well known beaches in southern Albania – Dhermi and Jale. Unlike these two beaches, Gjipe is still unspoiled by modernization. To get there one has to pass Dhermi beach and turn off at the sign “Manastir”. By a high clearance four wheels is possible to get by car at the beach or one has to park at the end of the road that is about 20 minutes walk from the beach.

In Gjipe is nothing to buy and no water sources around. You have to carry down everything and still it worth to do that since you will find yourself in a totally unspoiled environment by tourism industry.

Recently there are also some rock climbing routes opened on the clifs along the shore and also inside the canyon. The difficulties level of the routes varies from easy (4-5) to difficult (7-8).


Climbing routes along the shore


The canyon


Klevi Ndrejaj climbing in the canyons cliffs


Tine Shcrammel climbing in the canyon


Virtyt Morina, our friend from Merimangat e Pejes Rock Climbing Association


Time to refresh 🙂

Are you going to visit this beach?

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One Response to Gjipe beach – a beautiful rock climbing spot

  1. Treuter says:

    can you tell me links or climbing-topos about this Area? We want visit Gjipe in 3 weeks. Thank you for informations!
    Best regards from Tilo Treuter (Germany)

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