Tbilisi as seen from the wall of the city

Last month I was in Georgia – a beautiful country in coucasians, very lifely, nice people and great hospitality. Tbilisi is the capital and the bigest city in the country with about 2 milion inhabitants from about 4 milion living in the country. I was very suprised to find night clubs open everyday of the week – looks like this city never sleep.

Don’t miss traditional restaurants in Tbilisi with great food and some of them also offer traditional live music and dancing. Traditional music and dancing is extremely expresive and I’d say “a must see while in Tbilisi”.

Enjoy the pictures from around Tbilisi and stay on –  a post for Georgian mountains will come soon. 😉


There are many flowers around Tbilisi especially at Rustaveli street

There are still some Ladas around which gives the city a special charm. Photo taken at Marjanishvilli street.


Very unique Georgian sweets - surrounded by grape jam and filled in with nuts.


The glass bridge


Some houses are falling down in the old town


Many people were waiting in line to talk with the priest that easter day


Looks like Georgians are very religious. I saw many shops like this one with religious souvenirs.


Second hand books at Marjanishvilli street


Flowers in Marjanishvilli street


Liberty square


Nice bars near the old town


Pieces of London and Paris in Tbilisi


The old town

The big church with the golden roof

The old town as seen from ZP hotel

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