The city of Permet

Recently I had a three days visit at the beautiful city of Permet, in southern Albania. Here I’m posting an easy hike we had at the Waterfall of  Sopotit one of the afternoons while in Permet. During the coming days more hikes and other travel tips for Permet and its surrounding will come, so stay turned. The hike to the waterfall gives the opportunity to see the wonderful mountain of Nemercke very close. The GPS track of this hike could be download at Wikiloc and Everytrail.

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Route Description

Trail distance: 1.76 miles
Elevation min: 1,524 feet, max: 2,845 feet
Accum. height uphill: 958 feet, downhill: 26 feet
Difficulty level: skill Moderate
Time:   51 minutes

Download the GPS track at Wikiloc or Everytrail

This is a short hike from the village of Stembec to the waterfall at Nemercka mountain. See seperate track on my profile on Wikiloc for driving directions.

You can park at the Stembece village and then follow the dirt road uphill west. Few meters further you will get to the narrow stone rood lined by houses. Follow the stone road for some meters uphill and automatically you will get to the trail head. The trail is clear and goes gently uphill with marvelous views towards Nemercka Mountain. At the fork keep left to follow the trail or take right to reach a water source just few meters further.

Approx. 150 meters beyond you will get to beautiful meadow with breathtaking views towards the village, valley and the Nemercka Mountain. From here you can see the waterfall at the gorge and the trail is easily identifiable. It has some exposed parts but safe to pass.



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