Ancient bridge at Zezes stream

Ancient bridge at Zezes stream

Ancient path and bridges, amazing canyon, waterfall, shepherds, big dogs just 20 km from Tirana downtown. Take the main road to Fush Kruje and turn off at Nikel (there is a sign before reaching Fushe Kruje) and experience this easy hike.

This is one of the most underscored canyons in Tirana.  I say this because all the locals we met haven’t seen tourists before in the area and they actually couldn’t understand why we are walking there.

The canyon of Zezё stream is located between Kruja mountain and Gamnit mountain. It stems from the mountain of Skenderbeut (located at Qafёshtamё National Park) and after meeting the Terkuza stream and Lana river forms the Ishmi river which flows in the Adriatic sea, near of Rodoni cape.

The waterfall at Zeze stream

The waterfall at Zeze stream

The hike starts with an ottoman bridge and follows a broad stone trail through the canyon  which is quite bitten from the shepherds.  The trail seems to be a very bitten years ago and I guess It has been used to connect Burrel with Tirana.

The canyon is one of the most beautiful in Tirana and the most easiest trail to walk on. I recommend family walking on this trail as well.

Don’t miss the waterfall, it is quite hidden but you can hear it while walking close to it. The hike finishes with another ancient bridge, quite similar with the one before.

As hike bonus could be beers at the modest bars of the village near the trailhead where the locals are very friendly and very curious to ask questions.

Route Description

Trail distance: 2.09 kilometers (one way)
Elevation min: 214 meters, max: 306 meters
Accum. height uphill: 97 meters, downhill: 26 meters
Difficulty level: skill Easy
Time:   2 hours (2 ways)

Download the GPS track here.

Take the main road from Tirana to Shkoder. Turn off right at the road sign Nikel, before reaching Fushe-Kruje and follow the road. The road turns to be dirt (manageable with normal car)when approching the Buran and Kurcaj village. If you don’t have a GPS device with you, try to follow the valley after you pass the villages or ask people where is the old bridge (ura e vjeter in Albanian).  The trailhead is close to it.

 Cross the river through the new bridge when you reach the old bridge (not used) and take a right turn. Follow the dirt road for few meters, turn off right at the junction and you are right at the trailhead.  The path is broad and very easy to follow. After approx. 1 km you will see the waterfall. At the waterfall you can cross the river and follow the way back to the trailhead  from the other side of the river. Turning back from this way will give you the possibility to visit the village of Kurcaj. The hike finishes approx. 1 km further on with an ancient bridge – quite similar with the one near the trailhead.

How’s this hike looks to you? Are you going to take this hike?

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2 Responses to Walking through Zezё Canyon

  1. Peter says:

    Awesome hike! Incredibly beautiful! It seems like the trail now begins at the quarry but once you get on the path the way is clear. Not for toddlers. Highly recommended. Thanks for letting people know about this hike.

  2. Bob says:

    Attempted this today. Never found the “trailhead.” The quarry was active, and it did not seem safe to walk under the hill where they were excavating. I am assuming the trail began over there.

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