Trekking Through Albanian Alps – Photo Essay

Here I’m posting some pictures of an adventure trek through Albanian Alps. This was one of the most adventures trip I have done so far with some cool adventures friends (Andi, Jorn, Kai, Felix, Malte, Vaith). We hiked 4 days in the most remote parts of Albanian Alps on unmarked trails and slept in tarps and in villagers houses when it was possible. This hike will be published soon in a guide map of Albania. I will let you know when it will be available.
Enjoy the pictures!

Tamara village
A break in Tamara village on the way by van to Vermosh
Vermoshi center
We reached Vermosh (our destination) after 9 hours travel by van. The church in Vermosh center
Hiking in Vermoshi to Maja e Marules
Next day - climbing up Maja e Marules, the highest mountain in Vermosh
Having coffee in the middle of nowhere
Having Coffee in the Middle of Nowhere. Thats not a bar. Its a former border police building (from comunism time) when this area was forbidden. During the summer time it is used by shepherds family who served us coffee and fresh cheese. The summer hut is accessible only by foot (about 3 hours from Vermosh village).
Having a rest somewhere in between Montenegro and Albania
After we reached the summit we had a rest right at the border between Albania and Montenegro. Malte (the blue jacket guy) is on the border pyramid. it has an inscription RPSSH (Peoples Socialist Republic of Albania).
The border pyramid from communism time separating Albania and Montenegro
The border pyramid
A bar in Lepushe
From Vermosh we hiked to Lepushe (7 hours hike) and this is a little bar in the village of Lepushe and us very happy to have beers.
A bar in Vermosh
Another bar in Qafa e Bordolecit, Lepushe
Near Lepushe
Hiking to Gropa e Kopriçshtës
Jama summer huts (3 hours left to reach Gropa e Kopriçshtës).
Lovely cow
Me and a lovely cow at Jama summer huts
Gropa e Kopricshtes
Arrived at Gropa e Kopriçshtës summer huts. Its called a summer huts settelment but actually there is just a summer hut in a small hole sorrounded by steep mountains. The hut is near the big stone (left side of picture).
Horses at Gropa e Kopricshtes mountain hut
Horses at Gropa e Kopriçshtës
A lovely discussion with the ladies of the mountain hut at Gropa e Kopricshtes. We got cheese and Raki (traditional alcoholic drink in the Balkans)
The only mountain hut in Gropa e Kopricshtes
Saying bye bye to the summer hut people at Gropa e Kopriçshtës
Climbing up qafa e Prozhmit (pass)
Climbing up qafa e Prozhmit (pass). The most difficult part of the hike.
Maja e Arapit mountain (3 hours left to reach Theth village, the last destination).
Albanian Alps
Albanian Alps (Jezerca block in horizont)
Thethi as seen from Peja pass in the evening
Now we see the valley we want to reach (Theth valley)
Theth, one of the most beauttiful mountain village in Albania.
Traditional houses in Theth - stone walls and wooden roofs
Tourists in Thethi
We spent a day in Thethi and guided some tourists to Theth waterfall (Ujvara e Grunasit)
A little bar on the hike track to waterfall in Thethi
A little bar on the hike track to waterfall
Grunas waterfall
The waterfall

Hope you enjoyed these pictures!

If you would need more information on this trip please do get in touch.

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