Being the highest peak of Dinaric Alps makes Maja e Jezerces (2694m) one of the most attempted summits in the area of Bjeshket e Namuna/Prokletje. Though is the highest, it’s not the most difficult summit in the area. Other summits, such as Maja e Shkurt and Langojvet seem to be much harder. Most of the people climb Maja e Jezerces from Gropat e Bukura, Lugu i Valit and from Buni i Jezerces (Lakes). Still haven’t hear of people climbing it from Lugu i Zajave (Kukaj village side). Our route is not very difficult but I rate it difficult because it is long and have some exposed parts on hard snow where crampons and ice axe is needed.


Maximum altitude:       2694 meter
Minimum altitude:       1005 meter
Cumulative height:      1689 meter
Cumulative length:      10,6 kilometers
Difficulty:                             Difficult
Time:                                       about 8 hours
Date of this record         July 2013
Download GPS info:      Maja e Jezercës


Maja e Boshit in the left and the group climbing Lugu i Nuses


Lugu i Nuses


Reaching Qafa e Popluks pass




Looking back at our trail and Qafa e Popluks (pass). Some roes running as well. 🙂


Maja e Popluks and an helicopter searching for some climbers who had an accident. Check out Maja e Popluks ascend at Palmtreeproduction site.
The climbers were found the next day. One of them slipped on ice and broke his leg.



Near the summit crest



Almost in the summit


Maja e Shkurt far left, Maja e Langojvet in the center, Karanfil far right and Maja e Bojes close right


Summit shot of Eksploruesit Club


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