The beautiful shore at Rodonit cape

Many friends ask me which is the best place to camp and/or barbecue near Tirana, reachable by normal car (non 4weals). Here is your answer guys…
I would say there are many wonderful places  close to  Tirana for hiking, camping and barbecue. One of them, where I go often, is Rodonit cape (Kepi i Rodonit in Albanian). Kepi i Rodonit is just 1 h and 30 min from Tirana and is a spectacular strep of land entering the Adriatik sea. This place is perfect for spending one or two days camping. There are hotels at the beach close by (30 minutes) but I prefer spending the night at the cape in wild. At the cape is just one fishermen’s bar and many fishermen around who can give you the best fresh octopus ever for few hundred or a thousand Albanian Lek .

At the cape worth to visit is the old church which has a beautiful architecture and the castle. Park at the church and take a walk to the castle, and why not around the cape. You will find very nice places to swim and set up your tend. 😉

Getting there: Follow Tirane-Durres highway and leave the highway at Maminas. Follow the paved road (it’s new, used to be dirt road), pass the Gjiri i Lalzit beach and follow the main road which will lead you to Kepi i Rodonit. Some part of the road are unpaved but no problem by normal car.

Recently I was there with a group of friends and had a lot of fun. A big thank to Lorela, Erinda, Enis, Andi and Aglen (the guys part of the adventure)! 🙂

I took some pictures that I’m grateful to share with you. Hope you enjoy them.


The church at Rodonit cape


Bunkers on the walking way to Rodonit cape

Rodonit Cape

After few minutes walk you will get this stunning view of Rodonit cape

Alone tree at Rodonit cape

An angle at Rodonit castle

An angle at Rodonit castle

Fisherman at Rodonit cape

Fisherman at Rodonit cape

Fisherman with new friends :)

Fisherman with new friends 🙂

Fishing boats

Fishermans'  overnight place - a bunker

Bunkers can still be used. This is a fishermen overnight place - a bunker from communism time.


I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I inspired  you somehow to visit this amazing place.

I would love to know how the best place for camping in your imagination and/or experience looks like. Feel free to share it at the comment section below.

More info and GPS track at Palmtreeproduction post of Kepi i Rodonit. 

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