Nemercka, the second highest mountain in the southern Albania (2485m) after Gramozit, has a very steep wall on the east side which drops down 2000 m into the Vjosa vallay and makes it looking impossible to climb up  without the rock climbing  equipments.


East side of Nemercka

Quite opposite is to climb it up from the Zagoria valley. The path is ascending very gently up to the shepherd’s mountain huts and then one has just to follow the direction of the summit which is visible.

We spent one night at the only guesthouse so far in Polican and drove very early in the mornig the next day to the trailhead, near the Sopik village.

Polican center - the guesthouse in the left side

Polican center - the guesthouse in the left side

Gaining height - the view over Zagoria valley

Gaining height - the view over Zagoria valley

Flowers near of the trailhead

Flowers of the spring

Flowers and snow

Flowers and snow

Approching the snow at about 2200 m above sea level

About 300 m haight on snow

Almost at the summit

Trying to get a picture of us but I could get just an half of my face :)

Me trying to get a picture of some of us

The east face of Nemercka as seen from the summit

The Trail and the Map

The trail and the map has been taken from Palmtreeproduction website who mapped this trail while hiking together.

Maximum altitude:           2485 meter
Minimum altitude:           1088 meter
Cumulative height:           1400  meter
Cumulative length:           4.8  kilometer one way
Difficulty           easy
Time:           5 hours up, 2.5 hours down
Date of this record           May 2012

Visit Nemercka mountain post at Palmtreeproduction website to download the GPS info get directions of the route and more pictures.

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