The ride starts in the tourist town of Kruje which is visited by most of the visitors in Albania. Even for locals it’s a popular destination with the old bazaar, traditional restaurants and the hike on the mountain of Kruja that stands almost vertical behind the town.

This ride starts in the old town and after a few minutes asphalt the road turns into the dirt at Dane village and it continues like that next on the bottom of the rock face of Mt. Kruja. In the village of Barkashesh the road ends for hitting it again by the river at the query. About 15 min bike pushing is needed, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes. I was in clipless shoes and it wasn’t very comfortable for this part. 🙂

The ride starts right at the Bazaar of Kruje.

The fun part (dirt road) starts soon after Kruje

The road to Barkanesh

There are a number of villages down there


And a prison before Barkanesh

A few switchbacks to Barkanesh

Time to walk for a bit 🙂


Ottoman bridge in Zeza river, near Kurcaj. Another one is in walking distance. Check a seperate walking post.

View back of Mt. Kruja and Qafshtame in snow

We pass by a couple of lakes near Rradhesh

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