Gryka e Kazanit – one of the best hikes in Permet area

Gryka e Kazanit is one of the most beautiful hikes in Permet area. The east face of Mount Nemercka falls down directly on the gorge of Gryka e Kazanit offering amazing views. From the gorge the trail climbs up on the border ridge offering another view prospective of Nemercka and breathtaking views from both countries. … Read more

Pictures around Permet

During the communism time Permet was called a hero city because the National Libration Movement held the congress in town and elected the provisional government of Albania. It was also used to be called the city of flowers or roses and I was always wondering why. One doesn’t really see much flowers in the center … Read more

Hiking in Rrugova Mountains, Kosovo

Rrugova mountains, part of the Dinaric Alps are very close to the city of Peja. The highest peak of these mountains is Guri i Kuq 2522 m. This area offers a lot of activities for the nature lovers. You can climb mountains, hike on the shepherds’ trails, rock climbing in the canyon of Lumbardhi and … Read more